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Standardize the real estate brokerage profession

Looking back over the past 2 decades, the real estate market (real estate) has changed markedly, but somewhere there is still a horizontal and lightning-fast human resource.
This has gradually led to the consequences of land storks blowing prices, creating virtual fevers, causing market turmoil.
Facing the above situation, it is necessary to soon have a common standard on real estate brokerage profession to improve the quality of human resources, contributing to the sustainable development of this market.
In addition to the growth in size and quantity, the quality of real estate human resources has changed markedly over the past time. According to statistics of the Vietnam Real Estate Brokers Association, in 2019, the number of brokers operating at brokerage companies, trading floors, or operating independently is about 300,000 people. In the last 3 years, the growth rate of real estate brokerage in the market has averaged about 15%. Real estate brokerage is becoming an attractive profession for a large number of human resources.
However, human resources in real estate in our country mainly come from actual business development, without the formal and formal training as in developed countries. This is also the cause of the uneven quality of real estate human resources.
Under the same name as consultants, some people are well-trained and well-equipped with skills, but on the other hand, some teams are a bit “cluttered”, “unlucky”, not thinking about sustainable development. and value to customers.
The main consequences are cases of cheating customers, advertising this project but introducing another project, unintentionally affecting the general market.
In the past time, even many projects of Dai Phuc Land have been advertised by fake brokers and sold at a cheap price compared to the actual price of the project, causing confusion and loss of customers. company’s reputation. There are even cases of taking the name of company employees to sign contracts and receive deposits to scam customers.
This situation is now almost floating, leading to a worsening business environment, many genuine real estate companies lose credibility with customers. This is an alarming problem for the quality of human resources in the real estate industry.
Building trust with customers is extremely important. Real estate brokers must show customers that the consultant has enough skills and knowledge on behalf of the client to appraise real estate products in terms of legal, position, a brand of the investor…; and at the same time analyze the potential value of the product, helping customers make the right decision, limiting unnecessary risks. Therefore, human resources in real estate need not only quantity but also quality.
Businesses are having internal training programs at many different levels. But overall, not all businesses are aware of that.
Therefore, it is necessary to have a foundation and a common standard of the whole market so that personnel entering the field of real estate consulting can achieve those basic criteria; At the same time, it shows the quality of human resources commensurate with the value of real estate products.
In addition, the above standards and rules will help minimize negative issues, and at the same time avoid the case where the consultant is aware of things that are not right and not good for the client but still ignore them for the benefit of the client. sell.
Not only that, to be fair to brokers who do well and not well, there should be sanctions and warnings for wrongdoers. For example, banning transactions and practicing activities for a while can be 3 months, 6 months, or even permanently in case of violating ethical standards, causing serious damage or loss to customers. row.
In general, human resources of the real estate industry is a very complicated issue, with the rapid development of the market. Therefore, it is very urgent to normalize and standardize the team, avoiding the story of “the worm makes the soup pot”.
Real estate consultants must also determine their long-term development roadmap, otherwise, they will be quickly eliminated.
Many investors are concerned about the quality of human resources, but there are periods of rapid expansion in the context of the hot market, the recruitment of personnel may be relaxed. That easing can lead to unnecessary consequences. Therefore, in the long term, there is still a need for a platform, a common standard for the real estate brokerage team.

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