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For an apartment building to fail into a ‘fire oven’, do not ignore these heat-resistant ways!!

When living in apartments, many people are concerned about sun protection and heat protection in hot weather. In particular, with apartments in the west or wall in the west, the ability to absorb heat is higher.
The apartment is so hot and hot that the living space becomes stuffy. People living in apartments often suffer from hot air and direct sunlight will suffer health problems, and furniture will also be damaged quickly.
If you are facing the above problems, homeowners need to apply anti-heat measures based on 3 basic principles, namely: Reducing the absorption of heat into the apartment; create natural ventilation; and increased insulation.
Reduce heat absorption:
Hot air from the outside enters the apartment through a wall or window surface. Therefore, to reduce heat absorption, homeowners should use light-colored wall paint or furniture.
Limit the use of glass materials on balconies or windows. If the glass cannot be replaced, cover it with insulating glass paper, curtain or curtain.
To cool down the apartment, homeowners should plant many trees. This not only makes the space more green, but also helps to make the air cleaner.
Create natural airflow:
In order for the living space to be naturally ventilated, the first thing homeowners need to do is arrange interior items neatly and intelligently. There should be one window in the air-inlet direction and one in the out-air direction.
Heat absorption in closed walls will make the apartment hotter. Therefore, homeowners avoid sealing the wall area where sunlight shines on.
There are many methods of insulating the wall of an apartment in the West, where the sun is hot every day. Homeowners can refer to popular insulation materials on the market today.
Plasterboard helps insulate the wall of the apartment quite well. Plaster has good sound insulation, high aesthetics. Plaster can be combined with other insulation materials such as glass wool or PU foam sheet.
An insulated airbag is also an effective option. This airbag is constructed of pure aluminum film, helping the apartment to resist heat during sunny days or release heat in winter.
An equally effective method of insulation is the use of PU foam insulation. This material has quite good sound insulation, but homeowners should combine it with plaster walls to create more aesthetics.
At a balcony or window, where it is directly affected by sunlight, homeowners should use insulating glass instead of ordinary glass. More simply, you can use curtains or blinds to shield. Along with that, use heat insulation paints and bricks.
Growing trees on the balcony is also a solution with many benefits. Trees help reduce heat absorption while purifying the air and preventing dirt from entering the house from the outside.

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