Each month, they buy 2 gold pieces, 10 years later the young couple buy a house with billions of money

Having unused idle money every month, this young couple chose to save to buy 2 gold maces. After 10 years, they sell and get enough money to buy a home in class 4.
The couple of Mr. Dinh Duy Quang and Ms. Le Thi Huyen from Nam Dinh got married in 2010. The wedding is completed, and Mr. Quang and his wife have 2 gold trees in hand and the wedding ceremony money is 30 million VND. He and his wife began to consider the most effective form of saving for profit.

Mr. Quang is a technician of an electronics supermarket in Hanoi, with a monthly salary of 10 million VND. And his wife Huyen, his wife, works as an accountant at a small private company, with a monthly salary of 6 million VND. The total income of the two people is about 16 million / month. Because he just moved to Hanoi, he and his wife still have to stay. They rented a house with 25 square meters in Giap Bat, priced at 2 million dong, not including electricity and water bill.

Thanks to saving 2 gold pieces each month, Quang and his wife have bought a house 

In addition to electricity, water and gas costs, each month is about 3 million VND, he and his wife try to spend food and other living expenses within 7 million VND. Each month, the surplus is 6 million dong and you save all the money to buy gold.
In May 2010, when his wife was pregnant with her first child, Quang decided that each month he would save money to buy accumulated gold every month. At that time, the price of gold that Mr. Quang bought was 2.8 million VND / only.

With 6 million VND in surplus, Mr. Quang and his wife decided to buy 2 gold pieces / month. In the following years, although the gold price sometimes increases, at this time, the income from salary and bonus of Mr. Quang and his wife also increases. Therefore, each month they try to keep buying 2 gold maces. Even in August 2020, when the world gold price increased, the domestic gold price also jumped to 60 million dong / tael, this young couple still had enough money to buy 2 gold pieces / month.

“In order to have a fixed amount of money to buy 2 gold coins per month, my husband and I must strive to improve their salary, even though we have small children. In addition, I also take advantage of a job as an electric repairer. When it is cold in the summer, we also have money to spend in the family and buy more accumulated gold because the husband and wife plan to save and buy gold in order to buy a house to pay for a stable life tomorrow or to save it. a money back in case of the event, “this man said.

Continuously saving and buying gold like that during the 10 years, this young couple has bought 288 gold pieces. “Every year, my wife and I can buy 24 gold pieces. In 12 years we have bought 240 gold pieces, equivalent to 24 gold pieces.”

By February 2021, through relatives, Mr. Quang and his wife knew that a family wanted to sell a grade 4 house in Thanh Tri, Hanoi, so he decided to sell gold to buy, although the price of gold at that time decreased. 56 million / tael.

“Although the price of gold decreased at that time, but the house of grade 4, 30m2 wide, pretty wide alley, had a selling price of only 1.5 billion dong. Therefore, I decided to sell all 24 saved gold trees, plus 2 golden trees The dowry is 26 gold trees. Although saving and buying gold, we still have to borrow but not significantly “, Mr. Quang said.

When he moved to a grade 4 house just bought, he and his wife did not have to renovate much because the house is still in good use. Quang and his wife only spent an additional 30 million dong on fixing the ceiling, and the furniture in the house can be used as soon as they move in.

Sharing about the decision to buy gold for savings without sending to the bank or playing securities, Mr. Quang said: “My husband and I are not good at saving. So sending to the bank is easy to withdraw for consumption, not to mention interest rates. I do not know how to play and do not know the market, I do not dare to take risks, so if you have a salary, you will buy gold at any time, no matter how high or low the price is.

After all, my husband and I considered it a long-term personal financial plan, the beginning. Therefore, the formula is to buy gold and save gradually, even at high prices. If the price goes up, it will be beneficial. If the price drops, there’s also an average of the next time you save, as long as there’s money saved for a home goal or in an emergency. Because when there is an urgent problem, there is an immediate management, there is no need for cumbersome paperwork like when bringing money to the bank “.

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