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8 ways to clean the floor, how to clean the house

Struggling, facing many difficulties in house cleaning as well as cleaning stains and stains on the floor to prepare for the upcoming Tet holiday. Let Dien May GREEN reveal to you 8 tips on how to clean the floor quickly and cleanly!
Before cleaning the floor, you should use a broom to sweep all the dust and dirt on the floor, especially move and arrange furniture so that it is neat, making cleaning more convenient and shortening time.
first, clean the floor of the living room
The living room floor area usually does not have any difficult-to-remove stains, you can use some of the following tips:
How to clean the house with warm water
The floor has no stains, try using warm water mixed with a little dish soap to clean the floor. Remember, it only takes a little soap to dissolve with warm water, avoid using too much because it will make you slippery when wiping. In addition, you should wipe it one more time with clean water to be sure to remove any remaining soap stains.
How to clean the house with vinegar
Using vinegar diluted with warm water also helps you remove stains on the floor. To limit the effect of vinegar and vinegar smell, you should dilute the floor cleaning solution, such as 1/2 cup of vinegar with 3 liters of warm water or more. Proceed to clean the floor, then wipe again with clean water for your peace of mind!

Do not use vinegar to clean floors made of stone and wood, because it is easy to damage the floor material.
Do not use vinegar water to clean the floor if you break an egg on the floor, because the egg is easily coagulated when it meets the acid in the vinegar, making it difficult to clean.
Do not use vinegar water to clean the floor for colored stains (such as wine, bloodstains, …) because it will make the stains penetrate deeper into the floor, especially wooden floors.
How to clean the house with baking soda
The use of baking soda is probably not too strange for women, once again you can think of using this ingredient to clean stains on the floor.
You need to dissolve a little soda powder with water, stir the mixture well before using.
After that, you need to wipe the entire floor area with cold water. At the same time, pay attention to areas with difficult-to-clean stains.
Next, you use a toothbrush (or scrubbing brush ), soak in the baking soda solution, rub on the stains on the floor until the stains show signs of fading or disappear.
Finally, wipe the area with clean water, or the entire floor one more time.
How to clean the floor with a lead eraser
This method only applies to stains created from the mortar layer – between brick joints in the floor (for newly built houses).
Clean toilet floors, dirty floors
Depending on the stains, stains on the surface of the floor, the toilet floor, you proceed to clean it with some of the following tips:

How to kill mold on the floor
Compared to the floor, the bathroom floor has a lot of molds if you don’t clean it regularly. Ideally, you should choose to use specialized toilet cleaners – popular in your locality.

Read the product instructions before use, and wear gloves and a mask when cleaning the toilet floor, because the smell of specialized bleach may affect your health.
How to remove stains on the floor
For stains on the floor like smoke, curry stains, food coloring, etc., try the following cleaning tips:
Using a towel, soak a little concentrated Vim solution, apply directly to the stain, leave for about 2 minutes.
Then, using a brush, scrub the stain vigorously.
Use another towel, moistened with clean water, to gently wipe the stained area. If it remains, continue to soak up the Vim solution and then rub it hard again.
Finally, use warm water to wipe the floor again, to completely remove the bleach stain.
You can use hydrogen peroxide mixed with water to remove stains from coffee and tea.
When using hydrogen peroxide to remove stains on marble floors, you should use polish to re-polish.
How to remove rust stains?
Rust stains seem to be very difficult to remove if you wipe them with ordinary clean water. Try the following tips:
Using a towel, dip kerosene and apply it to the rust.
Wait for about 2 minutes, or you can use a brush (towel) to scrub the rust spot right after.
Take another clean towel, wipe over the dirty area to see if the stain is removed or not? Continue with the steps above if rust still exists.
Finally, wipe it with warm water, even wipe it again with fragrant floor cleaner to overcome the smell of kerosene.
In addition to kerosene, you can use vinegar or lemon to remove rust stains.
How to clean grease stains?
Grease stains on the floor make it difficult to move, this phenomenon often happens right after you fry the food, splashing grease on the stovetop and the floor.
At this time, avoid using a mop to clean the floor, instead, you should sprinkle flour or rice flour on the floor. Next, use a broom to sweep, and proceed with normal cleaning.
Notes when cleaning the floor:
Priority should be given to cleaning the stains and stains on the floor as soon as possible, avoiding them to stick for too long.
Depending on the floor material, you choose a suitable cleaning solution or material to avoid damaging the floor as well as making the stain more difficult to clean.
Do not mix detergents to limit the bad effects that can arise from chemical reactions between detergents.
Limit the use of many cleaning chemicals because it will affect the health of users. Replace with natural ingredients if possible.

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