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10 beautiful wall decorations you should try

Empty walls in monochrome can be a great choice to bring a room’s visual balance, but they are often seen as a waste of decorative space. They are the perfect white papers for you to draw your life stories and for your visitors to understand who you are. A decorative wall can also be an inspiration when you need it. If you are having an empty wall space because you are not sure what to use, this article is for you. Here are inspirational ideas to help motivate you to start making your wall beautiful.

Some people may not like the decor for old posters, pictures, and framed artwork. But do not worry, today, wall decoration ideas become more diverse and catch up with the taste of the viewer. You can decorate with almost anything you love, just imagine your wall is a blank page. You can use textured canvas wall paintings or even paint on the wall with your highlight.

If you have a flash of idea in your mind, but it is not clear what to do. Here are 10 decorative ways to help you. Time to take the boredom out of your room and turn them into charming paintings, lovely collections, or striking accents in any room in your home.

1-Decorate the wall like a showroom

For walls that have a certain personality and color, choose many small pictures and frames with contrasting colors to stand out against the background. Black painted color is the perfect background to combine things like neon colors and white frames.

2-Decorate the Macramé knots

Macramé is a form of art craft that knots many layers with strings. Now, many creative designs combine colors and can create a picture wall decoration made only of wire. Hanging a few Macramé ornaments will add a touch of handmade art to your space.

3-Stylish wallpaper

There’s no better and faster way than wallpaper to spice up your room. In less than a few hours, you can transform your wall into color and design. You can choose any color you like.

4-Combine many colors

With gallery décors like galleries or libraries, you won’t need to worry about limiting your creativity. In addition to paintings, you can decorate the wall with many items such as hats, strings, wall-mounted vases, medals, … Anything you feel proud to share with everyone.

5-Decorate on an existing piece of furniture

Usually, home interior finishing is often divided into many stages, in which, many people often have a headache because they do not know whether to choose their favorite wall color first or the furniture they like first. Already have the answer for you, just choose furniture like that, the rest let them decide what style your wall will be decorated in.

6-Wall-mounted potted plants

Green spaces in the interior are prevalent in recent decades. Decorating your wall with wall-mounted green potted plants is a great solution for tree lovers without enough space. You can achieve both decorative and hobby purposes with this style.

7-Flashy wall hanging style

Sometimes a bold piece of wall décor is all you need to add character and fun to a room. You can leave glossy items that you are sure to impress, but not necessarily too expensive. Like your massive perfume collection, wine collection, or musical instruments if you love music.

8-Display what you love

An achievement that you will forever remember, a special gift you receive. Souvenirs can also be streamlined and hung on the wall so that you always remember them and share them with those around you.

9-Bookshelf wall decoration

Bookshelves are one of the most practical ways of decorating, especially for rooms that lack space. The book cover will be the place to emit colors and images to paint on the wall, while the bookshelves are picture frames, with gentle colors that help highlight the books placed on them.

10-Draw on the wall

There’s nothing like a handmade painting directly on the wall of your home. That will be something special that is only available in tourist areas, museums. Pick any images that matter to you and make them come true, and your wall will be awesome.

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